March 20, 2018

Tuesday - Cold but clear

A good day.

I got up this morning at a decent time and got dressed. I watched the news and then some telly. Nothing too exciting to be honest.  I ended up taking a nap halfway through my second show, right after breakfast.  I didn’t snooze for too long though, yay me.

I had a quiet start to the afternoon too. I finally heard K downstairs bopping around but didn’t really have a chance to talk to her when I was down there.  When I went to have lunch I did go into the living room and said hello.  I offered to make her some toast and she accepted.  Yay!  I grilled some toast in the oven and also microwaved a few veggies.  I put the toast and a few vegetables on a plate for her and took it out to her.  Yay me!  I worry about her a bit.  She doesn’t get out much, and not many people visit her.  With her hearing not being good, I worry that she feels isolated.  After all, I don’t spend a lot of time with her, and to be honest, neither does F.  I encourage him to take her out on the weekends and he does, but to be honest, I want my husband then too!

I wrote 3 postcards up today for Postcrossing, scanned and stamped them.  I put them in my bag for later.  

F was very late tonight. He’d had some weird thing come up at work, he told me over the phone and there was a lot of background noise so I didn’t understand it fully.  When he came back, he suggested the two of us walking to a nearby restaurant and having something to eat there.  We’d have to go and find K some dinner at the supermarket first, which would give us a chance to suss out the local eateries.  We were both surprised to see that it was only 1 degree outside.  Yikes!

We picked up some dinner for K and a few things for F and me too if I’m honest.  We drove back to the house, gave K her food, took our shopping upstairs and then went off.

We ended up at a little Korean restaurant fairly near the house.  We got the last table and had a good meal.  The restaurant was out of rice, so we couldn’t have all the things we wanted but managed fairly well.  We had gyoza, chap chae, chichimi, a meat and veg stirfry thing and drinks.  We basically had a nice time, except when F suggested that I order some wine for myself. I don’t drink wine…and told him that he should know that by now. He got his angry face on, but honestly, how long have we been married? How much wine do I drink in comparison to him? I may have wine (Champagne or sparkling) on a special occasion, but it’s pretty darn rare and I don’t order it in restaurants. 

We walked back to the house and had a relaxing evening. I watched a bit of telly and F and I chatted a bit. It’s a lot colder now…we’ve had warmish weather for a few days, but now it is -2 outside and poor F is freezing. It’s unusual for him to feel the temperature, so I hope he’s not getting sick or anything. 

Tomorrow is a national holiday here, and we have no real plans. I think F has to take his mother to the temple and may take her to the onsen as well.  I don’t mind at all honestly.  

I’ll most likely be here tomorrow night, but if I am not, I might be living it up somewhere.  Ha ha.  Come back later and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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