March 21, 2018

Wednesday - Cloudy and chilly

A goodish day.

This is a short version because I have to get some sleep. I have to leave early in the morning to go to the Internet Cafe so that I’ll be close to the station to catch a train in the morning.  

F and I slept in a bit today, but he got up around 10:30 I think and took his mother to the onsen and then to his father’s grave. They went to the grocery store too apparently, and had lunch!

He had told me he’d be back by 1pm, and I guess he was technically, but I hadn’t seen him.  His uncle called him and talked his ear off for 45 minutes!  

When he did come upstairs it was around two.  He suggested going somewhere so I could have lunch, but I wasn’t too hungry. I’d had some toast earlier on in the day so I was fine.  I suggested going to S-Mall and having a sandwich in Doutor.  We did that and it was great. The only problem was that F didn’t want to move afterwards.  He’d had some cake and was deep into his phone.  Rather annoying.

We drove over to one of the big electric shops to try and get a light for our genkan or entrance.  There is a light but the switch isn’t within reach of the genkan.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  What is the point of that? Some nights F and I have come back to the house and almost tripped over shoes and stuff that we can’t see.  We ended up getting a battery operated light with a sensor on it. It is bright enough to light the area and turns itself off after 12 seconds.  I’m hoping that it’ll be a good idea.  F had it up quite high at first but I pointed out that it might fall if there’s an earthquake or someone (me) knocks the shelf that it was sitting on.  He moved it to the floor. Yay.

We took K out for dinner to a Japanese restaurant that we’ve had lunch in before.  It was quite nice and I enjoyed my meal. It was really big though.  

We took K to the grocery store again and she picked up a few things, I got some decaf coffee sachets…good for travelling I think.  

F and I went over to the Internet Cafe and spent 3 hours there.  I watched TV, did a little loom knitting, but decided to rip it down as I think it’s too hole-y at the moment.  I’ll re-do it doubled.  

We came back to the house where I got the garbage ready to go out tomorrow and then took a shower.  I watched a little TV and then did this.  

I’ll come back tomorrow night and fill you in on Thursday’s happenings, hopefully!  Until tomorrow….

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