March 23, 2018

Friday - Cool

An okay day.  

I slept in a little bit this morning which was very nice. I was quite tired and needed the sleep.  I finally got up and got dressed.  I had a quiet morning, had my breakfast and watched a bit of telly too.  

I had a nap after breakfast…I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  Since I still have a bit of a cold I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have more sleep.  I got up about an hour later.  

In the afternoon I continued to take things easy. I had lunch, watched more TV. Honestly, another boring day.  I didn’t spend any time with K today at all, didn’t even see her until later in the evening.

When F came back, we were going to go to the Internet Cafe, but then he suggested going to an izakaya nearby. I was okay with that.  We picked up dinner for K and then went off on foot.  

The izakaya was okay, but not great.  I liked the interior, but the food wasn’t the best.  F and I had a spat just after we sat down too.  He keeps doing this thing where he reads the entire menu to me.  I asked him not to do that and he got angry. I don’t know if I should bother explaining “mansplaining” to him, but I feel that he doesn’t take me seriously.  Anyway, we did choose a few dishes and had them.   We had some sashimi, fried tomato (which I didn’t eat because it was tomato), avocado and mozzarella pizza with a cream base, yaki udon, and some tandoori chicken.  The food wasn’t terrible, it just could have been better.  

We walked back to the house and came upstairs.  F went to bed fairly soon, and I’m still up of course.  I will try and get to bed in a few minutes though.  

I have no idea what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  F wants to take me to the doctor, but for a simple cold, I don’t think there is any point really.  Come back if you feel like it and see what happens!  Until tomorrow….

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