March 24, 2018

Saturday - Sunny and mildly cool

A good day, mostly.

We slept in this morning, but it was nice.  When we got up, we went out for lunch.  F wanted to go somewhere, but halfway there I remembered that the hotel downtown had a reasonable lunch upstairs so we went there. F was supposed to call the chiropractor for me this week but waited until after lunch to do so.  He was busy today and asked us to call again tomorrow.  

The view from the restaurant.

We decided to go and see a movie in the afternoon.  The only problem was that we had seen all the English films, so we ended up going to see The Greatest Showman again.  I had really wanted to see Black Panther again, but F chose the other one.  I didn’t really mind, I did want to see both of them again, so….The Greatest Showman did seem better this time. I didn’t get as annoyed by Hugh Jackman’s voice! I was singing along with some of the songs…oh, not out loud…I’m not that mean to other movie viewers!

After the movie, we bought something for K’s dinner and also some cheese.  The grocery store was selling off some cheese for half price, so we got one type.  Also got some crackers and a few snacks.  We delivered the groceries to the house and then took off again to have dinner.  F had suggested a good place for dinner and I was happy with the idea, but when we were driving, suggested going to a “drive-in” he likes.  It is basically a truck stop that serves stodgy Japanese food, allows smoking and is a dump.  I said I would go, but I wasn’t happy about it.  Happily for me, F changed his mind.

We went to the first place in Amarume and had a lovely meal.  I had yakiniku. I got four slices of pork, four slices of beef, rice, a big salad and some miso soup.  It was very nice.  F had a fish dish.  The fish was pre-cooked and he said it was good too. 

After dinner, I suggested going to the Mall in Mikawa to have coffee and dessert.  At first, F thought it was a good idea, then he countered with another place in Amarume.  That was fine, but then he drove right past it.  We ended up going to the Mall.  I suggested we park outside the big shop which was close to where we were going, instead F parked the car halfway down the mall.  

We went into the mall and over to the Food Court.  We went to Mr Donut and had a doughnut each and a cup of cafe-au-lait.  It was nice to chill and we used a bit of wifi there too.  

We finished just after 9 pm so the mall was closing. We had to go outside and walk all the way down the mall to the car. I was less than pleased with my husband because it was cold outside!  He did have the grace to apologize, but honestly, couldn’t he have listened to me for once?

We came back to the house and came upstairs.  I got out the cheese to warm it up, and then I took a shower.  Afterwards, F and I had a little feast.  We didn’t eat all of the cheese but did have about a third of it. It was nice!

F went to bed fairly soon afterwards. He has had a bad day and isn’t feeling too well.  I hope he feels better tomorrow.  

I’m still up, but will probably get some sleep soon.  I’m not sure what we’re going to get up to tomorrow. I hope it goes well! Come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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