March 25, 2018

Sunday - Sunny but coolish

A good day.

I went to bed very late last night, so had a hard time getting up today.  F woke me up and told me that he was going to take his mother to the onsen and would be back a bit later.  That was fine of course.

After they left, I got up, grabbed myself some water downstairs for my water pot, then came back upstairs.  I got dressed, made the bed and went down again and had a spot of breakfast and took care of a personal matter.  I also tried to take my computer down and see if I could do anything with the internet set up, but in all honesty, it had been too long and I didn’t get it set up. It did have potential though, so maybe if I read up on it we can get it really working.  

I answered some email and was catching up on Facebook when F and his mother came back.  He wanted to leave soon for lunch, so I suggested Futaba and that’s where we went.  I thought it was a good idea. I had the bacon and onion quiche plate and F had the baguette sandwich.  He wasn’t feeling that great all day and gave me a part of his sandwich along with mine.  When we finished we went out to the car and called the chiropractor.  He said he could see me at 3 pm which gave us about an hour to kill.  We decided to go and see the new concert hall in Tsuruoka.  However, when we looked at the parking lot it was full.  We had to park somewhere else and walk back.  We snooped a little, but something was going on inside so really didn’t see too much. F had a drink from the vending machine and we both used the free wifi, then it was time to leave!

The chiropractor is an interesting fellow.  He’s a little odd, and so is his style, but I rather like it.  He advised me to lose weight, which is something I already knew I should do.  Anyway, he did his thing and a bit over an hour later we left.  It wasn’t bad at all, and I did feel a bit better.

We went to the grocery store next and I got my shopping for the next couple of days.  I got something to share with K too for tomorrow, hope she likes it.  

We delivered the food to the house and then went out for our dinner.  F had wanted to take me to a Japanese style restaurant near his work but it wasn’t open today. I wasn’t too sad about that.  We went to a Chinese style restaurant in the area and had a pretty good meal.  Mine was huge…I don’t know how I always manage to pick big ones. I gave F half of my rice and it was still too much for me. 

After dinner, we went off to the Internet Cafe and spent some time in the massaging chairs.  I did a little crafting, a little snoozing and a bit of TV watching.  We left about on time and then came back to the house.

When we arrived I took the cheese that we bought yesterday and brought it upstairs to warm up for a while.  F and I had a bit with some crackers. It’s a nice cheese and we’re both enjoying it.  I put the rest back in the fridge for tomorrow night!

And that’s it. I watched a bit of TV here, F has gone to bed as he has work in the morning.  It turned out to be a decent weekend after all.  This coming week, I have to meet up with a friend to discuss her classes that I’m subbing for her and I’m not sure what else will pop up.  

Come back soon and find out all about the rest of my week.  Until tomorrow….

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