March 6, 2018

Tuesday - Cloudy with a touch of snow

An okay day.

I got up this morning quite early again and watched the news while I made the bed and heated up my water.  I sorted some laundry to be done and then after my show finished, went downstairs to start it and grab breakfast. Well, things seemed to go to plan.  I finished one cereal and decided not to open my brand new one quite yet.  

I came upstairs, ate and watched my show and then went down when my timer said it was time to take the laundry out. As part of my laundry, I usually clean out the lint trap but today, when I pressed on the little tab to pull out the netting, the tab broke.  Oh no!  What to do?  I couldn’t do much, to be honest, so I started another load and sent F a message about it.  He called me back and I told him what happened.   He didn’t seem too upset. 

I had a fairly quiet rest of morning and even into early afternoon.  I went down for my lunch a little later than two pm.  I had a biggish lunch today. I had ham on English Muffins with salad and it was nice.  

I went down later and did the dishes and also got a head start on tonight’s dinner.  I decided to steam some potatoes in the microwave, so I scrubbed them and then cut them into long quarters.  I covered them and left them on the table. I tried to tell K that we were cooking tonight, but I’m not sure if she understood.

F came home fairly early tonight and I showed him the washing machine.  He got the piece out which was good…he used a flat-head screwdriver like I suggested.  However, he decided to work on ordering a replacement part for the washing machine, rather than helping me for dinner like he had promised to do.  I wasn’t too happy.  His mother was quite helpful tonight though.  She carried things to the table for me and I think she added the water to the miso soup.  Dinner actually turned out well.  We had steamed vegetables, steamed potatoes, salad and pork ribs from Costco with miso soup on the side.  It actually worked as a dinner and seemed quite popular.  I liked it too.  F maybe got the part ordered, he isn’t really sure.  He almost got out of my bad books by washing the dishes, which I dried.  K came in at the end and cleaned the kitchen.  I didn’t realize that she does so much at the end of her day.  I do not!

F wanted to go to the onsen, but I’m afraid I wasn’t up for it.  My stomach had been doing odd things all day, so thought I’d not go.  I did want to do some shopping, so he said he wanted to do that first.  We went to MaxValu and picked up a few things for the next few days.  Or day, depending on your perspective.  

I stayed here and did computer things, F went to the onsen.  When he came back, I took a shower and relaxed a little.  I watched a bit of TV and now I’m going to end this as I am very sleepy!  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to. I would like to do a Postcrossing, but I also have laundry to do more of.  Come back tomorrow night if you’d like and see what happens. Until tomorrow….

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