April 9, 2018

Monday - Sunny but rainy at night

Not a great day.

Today when I woke up I didn’t feel very good at all, so I stayed in bed a bit later than usual.  I finally got up and made the bed and watched the shows that I taped. 

I had a fairly quiet day. I got a postcard today and a letter as well, so that was nice.  I stayed upstairs most of the day.

Towards the end of the afternoon, I scanned some of my recent postcards and then created a few blog entries about them.

When F came home he wasn’t really in a good mood.  He announced that he wanted to eat grilled fish.  At the house.  I said I didn’t.  He wanted to go to the grocery store to pick up his fish, so I said I’d go and get something else.  He picked up some salmon and stuff for his mother.  I got some prepared chicken plus some frozen broccoli for myself. We came back to the house and F starts cooking all the fish.  I started to cook the broccoli and put out some of miso soup for us.  F cooked some rice for all of us and wasn’t too pleased with me when I told him that I wasn’t having any fish or rice either.  It shouldn’t have surprised him, I did tell him I wasn’t having any fish!  I took things out to the table, heated up my chicken and we ate.  It was fairly nice to eat as a family, and I was nice and shared my very small bag of broccoli with everyone.  That, of course, meant I didn’t get all that much though.  Poor me.  

After I ate, I cleared my dishes and then washed and dried them.  I had talked to F about going to the park to see the cherry blossoms, but he stayed downstairs after his dishes, so there wasn’t any way we could go. I was rather annoyed with that.  

I think he’s not doing well these days. He’s in a lot of constant pain and he has the daft idea that if he only eats fish he’ll lose weight and not be in pain.  I hope it works for him. 

We both took showers tonight and he’s just gone to bed.  No idea what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be better, so perhaps we can make it to the park for a bit.  However, that usually isn’t any fun as he likes to race through the crowds and not buy anything.  Boo!

Come back later and see if I’m any less cynical or if we do go to the park tomorrow night.  Until tomorrow….

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