September 13, 2018

Thursday - Warm and a bit cloudy

A good day.

My morning was pretty good today, except I actually woke and got up before F left this morning. I watched the news and later Chuck, which has just started as the morning drama.  I did a load of laundry and got my breakfast…basically a normal morning. It was nice though. 

I wrapped my blanket up for gifting, I drank some tea, I had lunch and then I quickly got ready to leave the house. I went downstairs and told K that I was leaving and walked to the bus stop.

On the way to the bus stop there were about 4 police officers and an older woman outside the 7/11. I have no idea what was happening, but at one point, an officer appeared to be stopping traffic. I did wonder if she’d lost something and was a bit worried in case the officers would decide that I was guilty of being foreign and walking.  However, they ignored me, so that was good.

I caught the bus rather handily and had a quiet trip to downtown. I got off at the station and walked to the drugstore. I did a little shopping there and then walked over to S-Mall.  I got lots of walking in today. Yay me.

At S-Mall I didn’t buy anything in the hundred yen shop, or Baskin-Robbins, but did get a greeting card and had a couple of drinks in different places.  I went to the bakery first and then went over to Doutors and had a soy tea latte. Around 6 I decided to head for the door in case my friend had already arrived. I waited about 10 minutes and she came.

We went to an Indian Restaurant and had a good dinner together. We never stopped talking! We had a lot to talk about and it was really fun.
She drove me back to the house and I ran in to get her a DVD that she asked to borrow…or I offered to lend.  After that, she was off home.

F and K were apparently just back from the onsen. They’d had 300 yen ramen there and had a few other snacks at the table. I went upstairs and F came along too. After a little, he asked if I needed anything for tomorrow and I did. I wanted some salad, so we went off to Mina to get some. It was closing in a few minutes so we had a quick trip around the store. We found a few things and left the store. Instantly it seemed, the store turned off its lights. Oops.  Our bad. 

We came back to the house where F promptly fell asleep on the bed and I watched a bit of telly. That’s about it now. 

Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow. This is our anniversary weekend, we have some plans for Sunday and Monday, but apart from that, I’m not sure. Guess you’ll just have to come back and find out. Until tomorrow….

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