February 10, 2019

Sunday - Cold but sunny

We both slept in rather late today, in fact, I think I woke up before F did!  I got up and put on the heater and started my water going for tea.  F decided to take his mother out for lunch with us so we had to get dressed quickly and go. It was quite late by this time, so didn’t have a lot of options. He took us to the soba shop we went to a couple of weeks ago. Today it was really busy and we had to sit on tatami instead of at a real table. Boo.  

Lunch was good. I had the same as last time, soba with meat and an order of tempura, F had a big, big soba and his mother had plain soba with tempura. We dropped his mother off at the house and then went out to run a few errands. We had some coffee at a cafe near Tsuruoka Park.

During the day we picked up some kerosene for the apartment and some gas for the car. We came back to the house for a bit and then went out for dinner. K didn’t come with us. 

We had a good dinner at Coco Ichibanya and then it was back to the house to watch a movie. WOWOW had been showing M. Night Shyamalan all day and finished with one I haven’t seen yet, Split.  We watched it off the DVR and thought it was interesting!  I did a bit of crochet at the time too.  My little red neck thing is going well.  

After the movie, I took a shower and then came back upstairs. F is sleeping now and I really should get to bed soon.  

I have no idea what we’ll get up to tomorrow, but we should have lunch at the house. We bought some food for lunch and will have it tomorrow I think. Big excitement, right!

Until tomorrow….

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