May 15, 2019

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

I had a hard time getting up this morning. I got up early, went back to bed and slept in a bit. It was nearly nine when I dragged myself out of bed. Sigh.

I watched ER, had breakfast and watched Major Crimes. When that was over I did a bit more work on F’s pants. I am now doing horizontal lines. I hope this work is worth it!

I had a quiet day. I didn’t see K face to face for a long time. I took my dishes downstairs around 4 and while I was there got a head start on dinner. I started marinating some meat.

F called to say he was on his way back to the house. I went downstairs just as he arrived and got started on dinner. I roasted some asparagus, cooked some pork and plated some salad.  We also had miso soup and F and K had some rice too. I put the last of the lovely alfredo sauce on our asparagus and I used it to dip my meat into too. Yum.

I did the dishes afterwards. K offered to help which was nice, but to be honest, I don’t like the way she does dishes. F said he’d help but took off for the washroom. Then when he came back, he wanted to wash the remaining 5 things while I was expected to do all the drying and putting away. I was doing that anyway, so it wasn’t very helpful. If he’d just grab the towel and dry the dishes it would be nicer.  Giving me double the work isn’t really helping. We used to have a one person cooks, the other does the dishes rule in our apartment, but F doesn’t seem to remember that. Or a lot of other things either.

He was quite mad at me for a bit and stormed off as usual.

I went upstairs and pouted a bit. I got changed around 8:30 as F had earlier made an appointment for a massage and had offered to take me out with him. I eventually asked him to drop me at the Internet Cafe, which he did.

I spent about two hours there and I had a great time. I watched some YouTube videos and relaxed.

F messaged me to say he was finished at the massage place and so I cleaned up my space and paid up.  He arrived a couple of minutes later and we went off towards the house. On the way, I mentioned that we didn’t have any bread, so we went to MaxValu and picked up a few groceries for the house. We did a little driving around after that so F could find the place he has to drive to tomorrow and then back to the house. 

It was too late for Grey’s Anatomy so I just took my shower and spent time on my computer. That’s about it.

Tomorrow, I’m not sure what I’m going to get up to. I’d like to do some laundry, I have that mending to do, and perhaps I might do a little Postcrossing, although I’m not sure about that! Come back later and see!  Until tomorrow….

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