May 22, 2020

Friday -Warmer and sunny

Today was an odd day. It started with F waking me up at 7 am to help him look for his glasses. He’d lost them again. He was just going to move the bed when I put my hand down to get up and felt something in my quilt. It was his glasses.  He left and I went back to sleep and of course, I overslept!

I did do a load of laundry today and then made a start on another mask. This one will have a  decorative pattern, I think it’ll be quite pretty. I had a quiet day. I did start a movie but didn’t want to watch it, so I turned it off for now.

F sent me a text around 4 today to say that his stomach was bad again. I sent him a sympathy note back.

A little after 5 pm, I went downstairs to start on dinner. I had decided to make a potato pancakes with the leftover mashed potatoes. F was going to cook fish and the rest of the meal was mostly going to be leftovers and stuff from the fridge. We did okay I think. F did finally come down and cooked the fish. Of course, he was in my way, but I’m sure I was in his! The potato pancake was okay, not crispy though.  Dinner, when we all finally sat down to it was good. Most of the stuff disappeared so that was good. 

I did all the dishes and there were quite a few, even though F and I had done some while we were cooking. I did all of the dishes, washed and dried them. The only things I didn’t do were his glass which he still had in the living room and the fish grill. Before I went upstairs I told him that the fish grill was left for him to do. He wasn’t too happy, but hey, I did everything else!

Around 10 I still hadn’t seen F. I had found a message from the local cinema that closed today on Facebook and I wanted to ask F if we could do a drive-by and see it one last time. He was in the washroom. He wasn’t feeling well and then came upstairs afterwards and basically started to relax. I knew he wouldn’t want to go out. When he started drinking it wasn’t going to happen anyway. 

He went to bed soon after and I took a shower. I watched a little TV and then started doing the blogging process. 

I’m not sure what is going to happen tomorrow. He did say he wanted to go to the doctor, but I had suggested going to Costco too. We absolutely could do both, but I’m not sure if he will. When I reminded him about going, he said he wouldn’t go to the doctor. No…that’s not what I wanted. If he’s sick then he should go to the doctor. We can put off a trip to Costco, no worries…I just want some kind of plan for our weekend. 

Anyway, I’ll likely blog on Saturday night and let you all in on what happens.  I’m sure it’ll be something so exciting! Until tomorrow….

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