February 22, 2021

Monday - Warm and sunny then rainy at night

I got up this morning after a bad night. I just couldn’t fall asleep for ages. It felt like half of my foot was cold. It was rather odd. It was hard to get up this morning, but I managed. I realized around 10 that I could join a Zoom meeting that my women’s group had, but then I needed to do a couple of things first. I ended up joining around 11 and staying on-line for the next couple of hours. It was fun though.

F popped into the house in the afternoon, he brought me ice cream which is a good way to my heart! I offered him tea or coffee, but he didn’t have any. I had lunch while he was here because I was hungry.

I had a quiet afternoon. I watched an episode of The Walking Dead, then an episode of Absentia. Both were good, but not really happy things. I watched the news, also not happy, but better than last year.

I went downstairs around 5:30 or so and started dinner. I was planning a nibbles buffet thing again, so we had some cheese, smoked oysters, canned meat, tuna salad, tofu and avocado salad, crackers and French bread. It was quite nice. There are a few leftovers, makes me think about a midnight food raid, but it is way past midnight!

I did the dishes, listened to a bit of my book, and then basically came upstairs. F seemed to go straight to bed. He was watching stuff on his computer but fell asleep. I watched stuff on my computer and then decided to watch Knives Out again. I had recorded it earlier this month. It was okay, but not great. I thought I missed something the first time, that I didn’t “get” it, but I don’t think there was anything for me to “get”. 

And that’s about it. I tried to download the big update for my computer, but it isn’t working, so I’ll have to figure it out. Hopefully it’ll work later, but I’ll put it aside for now.

Come back later if you like and hear all about my Tuesday which is a National Holiday this year. Woot! Until tomorrow….

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