September 22, 2022

Thursday - Cool and cloudy

F didn’t wake me up today. Yay. However, I did wake up a touch before my alarm. I went downstairs and then came back upstairs and watched the news from the bed. I did get dressed first though as it was quite cold this morning. 

I went down a little early to get breakfast. I didn’t do laundry today as K was doing some and I just didn’t feel like it. 

I watched some stuff off the Fire Stick today and I enjoyed it. I watched another episode of Jean-Claude Van Johnson and The Boys. In the latter, I watched the first episode of the third season. 

After the news, I didn’t hear from F like usual. He had said that he’d be late today, and he was. He did call me a little after 6 pm.  He didn’t get here until 7:00 though.  Tonight I did burgers from the store, a side dish of pasta and mushrooms, salad, cucumber and mini-tomatoes. It was fairly good, but the pasta dried out a bit and F complained about that. He would!

When we finished the main course, I cleared the table and gave the others some more nashi. I didn’t have any. I got to work. As usual, I did the clean-up and then I went upstairs. I did say goodnight to K, I didn’t want to be rude!

I went upstairs and relaxed and then I went down to take a shower. F and I both had the same idea. He had some of his clothes in the bathroom just as I got there. I took the shower first! In all fairness, I did take a quick shower as I didn’t want F to have to wait too long. I was as quick as possible. 

I came upstairs and watched a couple of shows on Apple TV+, Physical and Loot. Loot has really grown on me over the episodes. I turned off the TV when it was over. 

F went to bed. I’m not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow. It’s a national holiday and we haven’t made any plans, as usual. I hope we aren’t going to just sit at the house all day. I “get” to do that all week and I hate it.

Come back later if you like and hear what happens! Until tomorrow…


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