January 6, 2018

Saturday - Rainy and cool

A frustrating day.

This morning I got up after F got up. I got dressed and had breakfast.  F had been up and then went back to bed for a while.  We both had to go to the doctor today and left just a bit before we had to be there.

At the doctor’s office, I read for a while, so that was good. I didn’t finish my book though. This doctor doesn’t really speak English, so F has to be with me to translate.  Fair enough.  We went to the pharmacy afterwards and I did what I usually do, which is take a seat.  F went up to talk to the pharmacist, which I thought was odd because I didn’t think he was getting medicine.  The next thing, F handed me a bag of pills and said we were done.  What the hell?  The pharmacist gave my medicine to my husband and not me?  I didn’t get to ask any questions about it or how it is supposed to be used.  Since when did my husband become a pharmacist???  I expressed my displeasure to F but he genuinely doesn’t get why I am upset.  I was in the room.  I find it hard to understand why he thinks it was okay to do this.  The pharmacist even speaks a bit of English so it wasn’t all that I needed a translator.  

F seemed so upset that I was upset.  I don’t honestly understand why he thinks that I am not allowed to be angry with him when he does jerky things, and this was a huge jerky thing.

We went back to the house for a while so that we could find out if his mother needed food.  F and K had breakfast downstairs.  Meanwhile, I was hungry and upstairs.  F said that he was still hungry so we went out for lunch.  I picked the Grand El Sun today. It was a good choice in that it is a nice place to eat, but the food is small!  

After lunch, F and I went shopping for boots.  He broke his a couple of days ago and I just noticed that there was a hole in mine.  We went to the Shoe Barn first. I found a pair that would almost do for me, but they were a size too small. Sigh.  F kept asking me if I wanted all these men’s boots.  No, no, I did not.  They were all hiking boots, or at least that is what they looked like. I wanted something that I could put on fast and take off faster. I know I have big feet according to Japan, but I don’t want to wear ugly boots all the time.

We went to another shoe store and looked around.  Mostly more of the same, except they did have a display of the boots that I saw in the other shop.  I asked if they had the bigger size of the boots, but of course, they didn’t.  However, they did have the size in the MEN’S section.  I got a pair that fit me, and then F saw them and HE got a pair one size bigger than me! We both got pairs of blue boots, but they are different sizes and different blues.  I do worry that we’ll be stealing each other's boots for a while. 

I was dying of thirst after shopping so I asked if we could get a drink somewhere.  We tried one place but it didn’t have what I thought it did, then F started driving around looking for “the perfect place”. After 15 minutes of this nonsense, I asked him to stop at the next vending machine so I could actually drink something.  I was having back spasms from being dehydrated, so it wasn’t unnecessary.  

We finally ended up at a coffee shop on the outskirts of town.  I’m glad I had the drink on the way.  The place was quite nice but really, really cold.  We had coffee and cake.  

We left and picked up something for K for her dinner.  We delivered it and then went for our dinner.  I suggested going to the place on the corner near the post office again.  It was busy tonight.  We both had the same thing, Chicken Namban and it was okay.  I thought it should be spicier.  

After our meal, we came back to the house and that’s where we stayed.  We did have another blip when we got here.  I told F that the kerosene tank in the heater was empty so he volunteered to fill it.  Twenty minutes later, he still hadn’t brought the tank back.  I went downstairs to check on him and he was in the living room.  I don’t know what the heck he was doing, but I was freezing upstairs waiting.  He filled the tank and I brought it upstairs.  

And that’s about it really.  I know that F has been having a bad day pain-wise, but he’s been quite a bonehead in other ways.  I hope the rest of the weekend (a long one of course!) goes better.  It was nice to get new boots and it was also good to spend some time together, but I am so frustrated about the whole medical thing and his not understanding my point of view.  

Come back later if you are up to it and see what I get up to on Sunday.  Until tomorrow….


Neko Neko Channel said...

You rely on him to do most things for you in Japanese and when he helps you you get angry? It makes no sense? You live here why not make more of an effort to speak the language of the country that you live in and become more independent?
You ask him to come and see the doctor with you but he's not allowed to help at the pharmacy? Makes no sense at all!

Helen said...

I think you are completely missing the point. My husband was there as my translator, not in any other capacity. In any case, the pharmacist does speak some English so I would have been fine with talking to him.

I don't actually rely on him to do most things for me in Japanese. I do most things, he interferes. Constantly.

I didn't ask him to come and see the doctor with me, he had his own appointment and since I need a translator at times, we go together.

Do you blindly take medicine that people hand you without doing research or checking what reactions you need to be on the lookout for? I don't. THAT's why I wanted to speak with the pharmacist. F doesn't think about the same things. Unlike me, he trusts everything that doctors or pharmacists say.

Neko Neko Channel said...

I consult with my doctor and agree on a course of medication and if I have any doubts I look it up on the internet at home.
And I ask them in Japanese and don't expect them to speak English.

Helen said...

Bully for you!

I wanted to consult with my doctor and did. I also wanted to consult with my pharmacist and wasn't given the opportunity to.

Please let me know the address of YOUR blog so that I can make inane and off-point comments about your life and feel superior to you.

Neko Neko Channel said...

Lord you are so dramatic! You were there at the place why didn't you ask them then? Instead you rant about it and file it under bad husband when all he did was try to help. I don't feel superior to anyone but I do my best to have a comfortable life in the country I live in. My blog is in Japanese so you wouldn't understand it but if you wish to comment feel free!