March 22, 2018

Thursday - Cool and muggy, a bit of rain later on.

Today was a good day, except I have come down with a cold.  I probably should have stayed at the house today, but I had plans.  

I got up before F this morning and got dressed.  He drove me to the Internet Cafe where I stayed for the next couple of hours.  It was quiet there and I had breakfast, so not too bad.  When my time was getting short, I packed up my stuff and left. I walked to the train station, bought my ticket and boarded my train when it came.

Today I went to visit a friend of mine in the next city.  Usually, she comes here, but today I made the trek over there.  I love riding trains, so it wasn’t a sacrifice at all.  We went to her apartment and she made us lunch.  I brought her some DVDs and some biscuits from Britain that I had found at a local grocery store, plus a few other tasty treats.  We chatted for a while, but unfortunately, I had to catch another train back to Tsuruoka, so had to leave.

She drove me off to the station and I just made my train.  I thought it better not to buy more water before boarding.  

Back in Tsuruoka I walked over to the drugstore and did a little shopping, then went back to Foodever and had a coffee and a cookie.  I walked over to S-Mall then and again did a little shopping.  Some of the shops have recently moved around in the mall, so I wanted to check them out a bit.  

I was on the escalator down when I noticed that F had called me.  I started to call him after I was on the ground floor and realized he was coming towards me, dialling his phone too! 

We decided to buy his mother a bento and then go and have dinner at Foodever.  We picked up a few things in the mall and then went to Foodever.  F had fish on rice, I had steak and curry on rice.  Mine came with a salad and was quite nice.  We were the only customers there at the time.  I really want this food court to be a success, but there aren’t that many people coming in the evenings.  Boo!

We ate and then came back to the house.  It wasn’t even 8:00 pm and F put on his pyjamas.  To be honest, I followed suit.  He took a bath and went to bed, I’m still up, but am going to post this and then get some sleep. I’m tired and my nose is running so probably do need extra zzzzzs tonight! 

I hope to have a mostly quiet day tomorrow.  Come back later and see what I get up to….but if I don’t post, don’t worry. I’ll probably need extra sleep.  

Until tomorrow….

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