March 26, 2018

Monday - Sunny and warmish

A good day. 

I got up this morning quite early.  K was already up and bustling around the house.  I’m actually rather happy to see that.  I worry when she stays in bed late.  I got dressed and later when I went downstairs to grab breakfast I did some laundry too.  

I got terribly sleepy just before noon, so took a nap. I set my timer for a short time and snoozed. I did reset it and did it again, but no worries.  

In the afternoon I started wrapping a present for my friend.  I’m a bit late on it, but it’ll be fine I think.  It took a while and I had to re-use a box, but I’m sure things will work out.  I had lunch too, which I quite enjoyed.  After I put mine together, I let K know that there was some chicken that she could have.  I bought it to share with her. 

I watched a couple of cool TV things today. I watched an episode of Victoria and also started watching Absentia with Stana Katic (from Castle).  It was intriguing, so I’ll keep watching.  

F called to say he was finished work around 5:45 tonight. I asked if he would take me to the post office.  If he couldn’t I could go tomorrow.  He said he would.  Yay.  I got something else ready to go and when he arrived I was prepared.  He had bought his mother a bento, so we were okay to go out.  

The post office thing was easy and we were able to send my parcel and the other thing.  Hurray for that.  

We tried to go to the same place that F wanted to take me yesterday, but it wasn’t open. F thinks it only opens in the daytime.  We ended up at the nearby soba chain, which we haven’t gone to in ages.  Before we went in, I grabbed the three-year-old coupons for drinks that we had and gave them to F, just in case!  We went into the restaurant and both had the same dish, some udon with tempura.  It was pretty good.  We asked the waiter about the coupons and pointed out that they were three years old.  We didn’t care if we could use them or not. He said we could so we got free coffee. Score!

While we were eating, I asked F what he’d like to do for the evening and he didn’t know.  I suggested that we go to the onsen and he liked that idea.  We came back to the house and picked up our towels and stuff then went off to Haguro.

I actually enjoyed the onsen tonight although I thought the water was warmer than usual. I used the rotenburo for a while today too.  The only thing I didn’t like was three teenage girls who communicated with each other very loudly.  I managed to ignore them most of the time though.  

I was finished in the bath before F and bought a drink. I sat and waited for him, but he wasn’t very much later than me.  We left and came back to the house.  On the way, he asked about yakitori so I said I’d eat it if he was going to have some too.  He wasn’t that hungry, but we couldn’t find a place that was open anyway.  

We came back to the house and I warmed up the cheese.  A while later, we had some cheese and crackers and finished it up.  It was lovely.  Five hundred yen well spent! I watched So You Think You Can Dance and enjoyed it, F watched a bit but went to bed.  He has to work tomorrow.  

Tomorrow I am going downtown to meet up with a friend to discuss the classes that she wants me to teach for her next week.  I’ll probably have lunch somewhere downtown, I did invite her to join me if she has time.  

Come back tomorrow and see how I celebrated my 21st Japanniversary!  Until tomorrow….

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