November 22, 2017

Wednesday - Sunny and clear

A mostly good day.

It was a little sad today, both my sister and my best friend sent me word that David Cassidy died. He was the first pop-star that I ever fell for.  I remember when we lived in Britain saving up crisps wrappers (potato chip bags) so that I could send away for a poster of him, and how happy I was when it arrived.  I do still listen to his old music and have been known to do a couple of his songs at karaoke.  I had read that he was ill so it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but it was still sad.

I had another quiet morning today. I got up, had some drinks and then went down to have breakfast. However, K was nowhere to be seen.  Another granola & yogurt brekkie for me. Yay.  I like that anyway! I did have to clean up the kitchen though as my dear husband had made bread and sliced it on the kitchen table. He hadn’t cleaned up after himself though and there was machine parts to be cleaned and crumbs to be wiped up. I supposed that is the price I have to pay for fresh bread!

I brought in my laundry from the garage and hung it in my room up here. It was mostly dry, but would take forever over there in this season.  

K was up and around at 11 something, I heard her banging doors in the house. I said hello when I was downstairs for something else.

We had lunch together around 1 pm and we had a sort of clean out the fridge thing. We had leftover nabe, some leftover duck, salad and basically anything I could think of that would work. It was quite good though. I did the dishes after we finished and then went back upstairs to get ready.

I left the house promptly at 2:30 and walked to the bus stop. I was still a little early and the bus was 5 minutes late, but it was fine. I got to S-Mall, got off the bus after I paid and then walked to the hair salon I go to.  

I got a good cut, another pixie, but I like it a lot. We had a couple of misunderstandings so I didn’t get my hair washed, but it’s okay really. When I was finished, I paid and then walked back to the mall.  I did a little window shopping and no buying then went to Doutor for a cup of Soy Latte. I had just sat down when I saw an ex-student from Sakata and waved. She came to sit near me and we chatted a little. She is in the process of moving and had asked me to visit her in Sendai after her move. Since I’m going to Sendai next month, I suggested that it might be too soon to visit and she agreed. I’m glad that I brought it up with her though because I might have felt a little guilty if I hadn’t.

F joined me and then she had to leave. F had a drink too and then we went for dinner in the mall.  F suggested the restaurant upstairs so we tried it. I had my usual pasta, which was good tonight, but not great.  F complained about the ramen as usual, so no big deal!  We tried to get his mother something for dinner, but the store was out of pre-made stuff, so we went to another grocery store.  F picked up a few things for his mother and then we took it back to the house.

K had a bite of dinner, but I think she’d already eaten before going to bed. F decided to go out and buy kerosene tonight and asked me to accompany him. I did but it wasn’t a big deal at all.

We had a quiet evening in the house. F was tired, I wasn’t and watched quite a bit of TV. After midnight I gave him his birthday card. Yes, the lucky bum has a national holiday on his birthday every year!  

Tomorrow we’re supposed to have a nice lunch together and perhaps see a movie if we both feel like it.  F’s not doing well these days, so I hope the day off is good for him. Come back later and find out what we get up to. Until tomorrow….


Pamela said...

I was sorry to hear about David Cassidy too. I still think of him (and me too I guess) as young. We watched the Partridge Family and the Monkees on television back then.

Helen said...

So true! I did think of him as young as well. Thanks for commenting and visiting!