November 8, 2018

Thursday - Sunny and Warm

A good day.

I woke up early then went back to sleep. When my alarms woke me up, F had gone to work and the room was cold. I went downstairs quickly then came back up and watched the news from the bed. I was tired. I went to bed fairly late yesterday.

F called to say the plumber would be by today and that he’d take the afternoon off so that he would be here when he came. Fine, no problem.  

I had my usual morning, quiet and calm. Nice.  I did a couple of loads of laundry and even opened the window for a while as the day was nice and sunny outside. It was definitely warm enough.

F arrived around 1:30 and he had some toast. I was trying to make my lunch at the same time and he wouldn’t get out of my way. I went upstairs because he just wouldn’t move. There’s no feeling with him that someone else might like to be where he is.  I did ask him. I was drying dishes and when I needed to put them away, asked him more than twice to move and he just didn’t. I don’t know if he didn’t understand the phrase, or didn’t care. 

Lunch was fine. F had a bit of a snooze which was fine and then the plumber called to say he wasn’t coming after all. He’d got stuck on another job. F went outside and did a few chores in his garden.

Around 5 F started to talk about dinner. I wasn’t very interested, particularly when he started talking about udon, ramen or gyudon. I gave up on decent food for tonight and said I’d do with gyudon. The one we go to has many types of food. K had gone to bed (before 5:30) and F asked if she’d like to come too. She wouldn’t but would eat if we brought her something back. 

F and I went to the gyudon place. I had the special of the moment, an Okonomiyaki-don which was okay. F had a salmon/natto set meal that didn’t look good to me, but he liked it. We ordered K a bento and then left the restaurant.

We bought a few things at the grocery store and then came back to the house for a few minutes. We’d decided to go to a movie tonight, but needed to put things away first. K got her bento and ate it, then F and I left for the cinema.

We went to see Borg McEnroe and it was pretty good. I couldn’t understand the Bjorn Borg parts of it because they were in Swedish, but I didn’t care that much. I used to be crazy about Borg when I was young, and not because I was a tennis fan.  F tried to translate for me at one part, but I told him not to. I didn’t want to listen to two different things at once.

We came back to the house straight after the movie and F set up the bread maker again.  We ate almost all of the bread today.

And that’s about it. It was a quiet, warm day, but that’s all good.  Come back later if you’d like and see what we get up to. Until tomorrow….


OzBurger said...

Sounds like a nice day.

I'd rather sit and not understand a part of the movie than to have someone talking to explain. Also this would be annoying for people around you.

Helen said...

Being a weeknight in a small city, the movie theatre wasn't that crowded, but yes, annoying for anyone within earshot! I got the general gist of the movie anyway. Those scenes were very talky, not terribly interesting to watch. The tennis scenes were great to watch.

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