November 7, 2018

Wednesday - Sunny but cool

A good day. 

I got up this morning and watched the news and then my morning drama. I had breakfast, the usual. I had a fairly quiet day. I saw K, but never came face to face with her. It’s funny how that is possible in this small house.

I spent a lot of time today trying to make mailing labels for my Christmas Cards. I made some lovely ones, but unfortunately, they didn’t work. I couldn’t get the writing in the right part of the labels. Sigh. I wasted all that time. 

F called a few times about the plumber. As I had suspected, they were too busy to come right over to fix whatever is leaking. I’m not sure there is a leak either. F didn’t take this afternoon off. He’s hoping that the plumber will come tomorrow and he’ll take time off.  Apparently though, his mother tried to call plumbers too so we might have more than one show up…or something like that. 

F called to say he was on his way around 5:30, but I was already in the kitchen making a head start on dinner. I’m glad I did that, as it really reduced stress on me. F can be helpful, but sometimes he acts like he doesn’t understand how to do anything. Anyhoo, I put the salad into bowls, boiled water for pasta and cut up the duck.  When F arrived he helped a little bit, but most of the hard work was done. Yay.

Dinner went better than I expected. We had spaghetti with a Japanese style sauce, salad, soup and duck breast and it went down quite well. K managed well with her chopsticks so that was good. 

F washed the dishes and I dried them, then we went out for some coffee and wifi. It was expensive, but F’s phone doesn’t get wifi in cheaper places.  Strange that. Before the coffee I got him to take me to the hundred yen shop for a few crafting supplies, and coffee!

We came back to the house. I did up the garbage and took a shower. I watched a little telly and then started this. 

Tomorrow I hope to do some Postcrossing if I have time and maybe start on my Christmas Ornament that I’m making for a swap that I’m in. Come back later if you like and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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