April 15, 2019

Monday - Rainy, windy then clearing

I did something a little different this morning. I went out. I got up before 8:30 - I dressed and went over to Komagihara park to do a little walking. Sad to say, the rain soon started and I didn’t want to get sick, so I came back to the house.

I went upstairs, watched ER, had breakfast, did two loads of laundry and then went downstairs to start dinner. I made a mincemeat stew in my slow cooker.  As it was lunch time when I finished my prep, I decided to grab lunch and take it upstairs.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet which was nice. I was tired from the morning, even though I didn’t go as far as I wanted to.

F called to say he’d be late, so I left the stew cooking away in the slow cooker. I think that was wise.  When he came back to the house, I got dinner on the table quite fast. The stew got good reviews all around, so I think it might be a keeper.

F washed the dishes, I dried them, and then we went upstairs. I had to get some shopping done, so asked that we go out. F, in turn, suggested going to the Internet Cafe.  That was fine with me, but the grocery store was important too.  We went to the Internet Cafe for our 3 hours which was fine. I did a little knitting and YouTubing. Afterwards, we decided to go to our old grocery store.  We picked up a lot of stuff for tomorrow and then came back to the house. 

F took a shower, I watched So You Think You Can Dance and it was good. That’s about it really. I’m so tired now that I nearly fell asleep on this thing twice!

Come back later if you dare and see what I get up to then.  Until tomorrow….

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