April 16, 2019

Tuesday - Sunny and warm

I woke up in surprise this morning that my alarm had gone off. I usually wake up earlier to run downstairs or when F gets up, but today I was out cold. I really was tired yesterday!

I got up and even went out this morning for a walk. The cherry blossoms were out a little in the park so it made parts of the walk really nice. I do have to be careful about the music though, some of it makes me walk too fast, especially at first.

I came back to the house, changed into some house clothes and watched ER. It was the one where Dr. Weaver decides to leave.  I grabbed breakfast and settled in with Major Crimes after that. 

I had a very quiet day today. I didn’t go downstairs very much and I had an attack of sleepiness around noon, so I took a nap. I woke up and decided to grab my lunch a little early so that was good.

Around 5:40 F called to say he was returning so I went down and started setting up for dinner.  He showed up a bit later and then flounced off in a huff saying he didn’t want dinner as he couldn’t eat.  Great.  I cooked some penne to put the leftover stew on, but the bag overbalanced and about half of it ended up on the floor. Ack!  I got everything set out on plates and took it through for K and I.  We had the stew on penne, salad and broccoli. I thought everything was nice, although K ate all her stew before her noodles so she put salad dressing on them and ate them that way!

I did all the dishes by myself, washing and drying, and then went upstairs and shut myself in my part of the room.  F asked me if I wanted to go out. I had suggested going to Tsuruoka Park today for our Hanami. I didn’t want to go or even talk to him at that moment. I know he said he wasn’t feeling well, but it seems that it happens only when he is trying to get out of something.

I mentioned the Notre Dame burning to him but he hadn’t really heard of it. It’s so sad. I’ve always wanted to visit Notre Dame. And Paris in general. 

F ended up going to his onsen and I stayed in. I watched some telly and then I was just about to take a shower when F came back.  I took it anyway, then came back upstairs and watched more TV. F made himself some udon, something that my mother wouldn’t have allowed when I was growing up. If you didn’t eat supper, you didn’t eat. I really think it should be that way most of the time here too!

That’s really all that there is to say about things today. I’m sorry that my husband isn’t feeling well, but he has a habit of eating the wrong things and forgetting that he did.  

I will most likely be here tomorrow night too.  Don’t wait up for me though! Come back later if you want to read my next update. Until tomorrow….  

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