September 10, 2019

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, dry

I got up this morning and had a lazy morning on the bed. I watched the news and my morning drama before going downstairs for breakfast.  As I was downstairs I was able to say a quick hello to F’s sister. She brought us some vegetables and fruit which was nice of her.

I had a very quiet day. I spent most of the day on my computer. I completely forgot to do some laundry. Oops.  

When F came back to the house I assumed we’d do bentos or go out because I didn’t feel much like cooking. I did sort of plan to cook but wasn’t sure how pasta would go over since K and F both had ramen for dinner last night.  

F said it was okay for him to have pasta tonight so I whipped up dinner. We had a salad in the fridge, so we had that, with yuzu-shoyu spaghetti, and a duck breast that I was keeping for a day like this. It came together fairly well so yay me.

After dinner, F washed the dishes and I got to dry them. F does it a completely different way than any sane person would, but what I need to focus on is that they get done! 

After he dispatched his duty in his eyes, he left and I did the rest of the cleanup. I cleaned the stove which was dirty when I got there, emptied the sink’s garbage and washed my container for making cold tea in.  

I went upstairs and I was soaking. I was so sweaty. I know that F thinks downstairs is cooler, but I was working hard down there!

I wanted to go out and F wanted to stay in. I really needed some groceries for myself so F agreed to go out. He went to the onsen and I came along with him.  After that, we had a drink in Komeda and stayed there a bit too long if you ask me.  When we came out of the coffee shop, F was ready to go back to the house. I reminded him about the grocery store.

We bought a few things. I wasn’t inspired by anything to make dinner tomorrow night, so suggested we do a bento run tomorrow night. It’s supposed to be rainy tomorrow, so going out will be nice.  I tend not to go out in the rain at all!

We came back to the house and I took a shower and watched a little bit of TV. F was trying to sleep I think. He isn’t feeling that great, but a co-worker is off sick so he can’t take time off now.  

And, we might have plans for the weekend.  A friend’s husband is going to come fishing in the area again and we’ll go and meet them if all goes well. If the weather is bad, we might not go. 

Oh, yes, while I was at the onsen with F tonight, I saw this t-shirt with its lovely Japlish on it. They are so close to being right if only they’d had someone who could speak English proofread it!

So that is it for me. It was an okay day. I hope that tomorrow is going to be okay too.  Until tomorrow….

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