December 8, 2019

Sunday - Cold and cloudy, a little rain

F and I went to bed a tad earlier than last night. I woke up early but went back to sleep for a while. F was on his computer early on. Around 11 my alarm woke me up and I got up. F also got up, deciding to take his mother to the onsen.  I was a tad happy about that because it would give me a chance to do a few things in the house.  Off they went and came back 3 minutes later for her to get her teeth. 

When they finally left, I went downstairs and took care of my personal thing.  Then, I went into K’s room to look for some of my stuff. When we moved in, we put a bunch of things into the spare room. It became K’s room, but my stuff is still there.  I was looking for something like Spanx so I didn’t really want an audience and had no idea how to explain that! I found it and a few other things too.  

I closed up her room and then went back upstairs.  F and K came back about 30 minutes later I think, maybe more.  I had told F to go and have lunch with his mother.  They both like ramen so they could have it with my blessing.  

When F came back, he took me out for lunch. I chose Gusto so we went and had an okay meal. The waitresses were very busy and we had to ring the bell for them to come three times before we were able to order. I had chicken and vegetables in a vinegar sauce, we shared an order of butter-soy sauce fries and F had a small sundae too.  It all took quite a while and ate up most of our afternoon.  Gusto is next to a bulk frozen food store so we left our car where it was and walked over when we finished eating.  We went to Gyomu Supa and picked up a few things for the freezer. I told F that I like to keep a few easy to heat up things available for K and I. There are a few nights where he calls at the last minute and says he’ll be late, but there’s no food in the house. I can reheat some of this stuff and it’s fine.  It isn’t gourmet, but sometimes fast and easy is okay.  I got some oatmeal too, as well as some chocolate chips. I’ve not seen those in our city before!  Does that mean I should make chocolate chip cookies? I say yes, but I feel I’ve watched too much Bake-Off!!

We didn’t have a lot of time left to us after our shopping trip. We had just enough time to go to another supermarket near F’s house to pick up a bento for K.  We did that, dropped it off, put all of the food in the freezer and elsewhere and then left for the aquarium.  

We got there around 5:20 so there was time to go to the washroom and maybe grab a quick drink before the concert.  It was another jazz concert. This was a trio tonight and it was a pianist, a bassist and a drummer. I found it very interesting as I was sitting so that I could see the drummer’s hands as he was drumming. I had pretensions of being a drummer when I was young so found it fascinating, really.  This is one of the few concerts where I didn’t really have to fight to stay awake either, so that was nice. I did close my eyes a few times, but that’s not the same thing!

After the concert, we headed back into Tsuruoka. I asked F if he would take me to the restaurant I’m planning to go to on Wednesday with a friend. She has a restricted diet so I wanted to make sure that she’d be able to find something to eat. It sounds like she’ll be okay, so I made a reservation for the two of us. 

We decided to eat at Foodever tonight. I was worried about F as he has been having a bad stomach week and has been avoiding meat, but he had steak and curry tonight.  I had gapao rice which was remarkably like the soboro I had yesterday for lunch! 

We hit the grocery store after dinner. F has decided that he’ll make nabe for dinner tomorrow night. I said that I’d be okay with a fish one, but he’s going for pork. I hope that he’s okay. I bought some chicken and three potatoes for Tuesday. I’m thinking maybe baked potatoes?  Here’s hoping. 

Came back to the house and I took a shower. F went to bed with his computer but did put it aside after a while. I’ve been listening to a playlist that I’ve made to give to my friends. I’m not sure if everyone will like it, but I do!

And that’s about it. It was quite a busy day really. I have a bunch of things that I need to do tomorrow. I’ve got a lot of nengajo to write and make, I need to pack my suitcase or at least start, and I have laundry to do as well.  Hopefully, I’ll get it all done. Or at least started!  Come back later if you will and check in on my progress. Until tomorrow….

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