January 13, 2020

Monday - Cold but crisp and clear (and I do mean cold...it is -34 degrees Celsius)

Today was okay. I did that thing again where I fell asleep with the TV on. I woke up around 6 am and turned off the TV and slept on a bit longer.  When I got up around 9:30 my sister was less than pleased with me. Me still being in bed made her delay her workout.  Oh dear. She does love to work out.

I had breakfast and some tea, then got dressed after my sister finished downstairs.  Her son came back from school for lunch, then left for school again.  It is so cold in this part of the world that the school buses aren't running, but if you can get to school, they expect you to go.

My sister and I went out to the bank for me to pay my credit card bill.  It was a little complicated, but I got it done finally!

I came back to the house and worked on packing again.  I've spent most of the day on it to be honest. I have my smaller suitcase stuffed.  My bigger one isn't stuffed, but it is so heavy that it is teetering on the border between okay and overweight. I hope my pyjamas aren't too heavy!

This evening my brother-in-law took us out for dinner. Unfortunately, my niece had a late class today and couldn't come. We drove into Edmonton and had a lovely meal at The Keg. We had some gorgeous food, starters like deep-fried cauliflower and baked brie, then for our main I had Top Steak with a twice-baked potato. My sister and I shared a dessert, which was lovely. My brother-in-law and my nephew shared the same one.  We were quite stuffed when we left!

We came back to the house in Beaumont and relaxed for a bit. We watched a bit of TV and then my niece called. She couldn't get her car started. Her father talked her through what to do, and was going to drive into the city to help her. Happily for all of us, the car started before he got very far and she arrived back at the house a while later.

I came downstairs to finish up my preparations. I hope I have my suitcase as full as I can manage without going over. I'm going to leave behind a shirt and a pair of pants that don't fit all that well.  I hope that I won't regret that later!

I'll be away from a computer for a few days and I'll likely be so jet-lagged when I get back to Japan that it might take me a few days to start blogging again. Never fear, I'll be back when I can.  Wish me luck on my long journey back to Tsuruoka.

Until next time....

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