February 13, 2020

Thursday - Warmish and a little rainy

I woke up when F was getting ready to leave, but stayed in bed. I got up a bit later. K was up early today too, in fact, she stayed up all day I think. I was quite glad about that.

I had a quiet day, didn’t get up to anything exciting really. I finished darning the ends in on my cowl so I can use it now. It’s quite pretty I think.  The colours are quite bright.
I just made up the pattern as I went along, which is why it isn't balanced properly, but I like it!

Not sure why the top is rolling over but it doesn't matter.
For lunch,

I had leftovers of last night’s Bangers and Mash. It was only Banger and Mash though really. It was good though! I saw K early in the day and suggested that she have some of the nabe from Monday. She did, although she didn’t eat it all.

I went down to the kitchen to start dinner a little early tonight and while I was prepping F called. He was in another town and it would take at least an hour to get back, except he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to leave.  I told him I’d keep him some food and I’d cook now and eat with his mother.  

I made a stir-fry of pork, onion and hacksai, and cooked the gnocchi that we bought in Niigata. I heated up the sauce that we bought for it too. I didn’t give K rice because gnocchi is potato and I’m of the opinion that you don’t need both at one meal! We ate and then I did up the dishes.  That was fun. K came into the kitchen and once again, told me off for using 4 bars on the fluorescent light. She pulled the string and made it two.  Good grief!  I am the person working in there, surely I should be allowed to set my own lights.  We kind of yelled at each other in our own languages.  I asked F about it when he arrived and he just shook his head.  I think my eyes are more important than saving 5 yen on the electric bill!

Anyway, I finished the dishes and F called to say he was on his way. I went upstairs and waited for him. 

Of course, he needed dinner too, so when he came back to the house I heated up the leftovers for him. He didn’t have that much though. There will be some left for my lunch. Yay!!

After he ate, I did the dishes again and F said he wanted to go to the onsen. Fair enough, we got ready and went there.  We arrived a little before 9 pm, so he headed to the bath, I headed to the chairs. I listened to podcasts and I did some crochet so I was quite pleased. 

When F came out he rested for a little and then we headed back into Tsuruoka. We went for groceries tonight. We’re going to do another nabe tomorrow night. It’ll be mostly the same as Monday’s but will hopefully have a few more ingredients! 

We just came back to the house afterwards. We put away the groceries and came upstairs. I watched some TV and then gave F his first Valentine’s Day present. I got him a box of chocolates that looks like a book about dinosaurs. Inside is a chocolate dinosaur and 6 little eggs that have an almond inside. It’s actually really cute. He liked it and even gave me an egg. Woot. 

And…that’s it for today. Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow. I really should do at least one Postcrossing as I haven’t sent any cards this year. I’m still buying the postcards, I’m just not sending them!  What should I do?

Come back later if you like and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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