March 25, 2020

Wednesday - Sunny, but a bit cold

I woke up after F left the house and got up a couple of minutes later. I did my stay in bed and watch the news thing, followed unfortunately by a snooze in bed through Jamie Oliver.  Sigh. It was an okay show and I did see some of it. I can’t get his ingredients though. I wish I could.

I did three loads of laundry today. I have a lot more to do, but I got my jeans washed, some work clothes and a few nice shirts so that was okay.

I had a bit of a late lunch. I relaxed a bit too much today. I watched the news at 4 and a while later went downstairs to wash dishes and get dinner on the table. I reheated my yummy stew and got it plated for K. She was surprised that F wasn’t here yet, but I reminded her that he was working late tonight.

After dinner, I cleared the table and was washing dishes when a friend started to text me. While I was texting her, F FaceTimed me so it was a bit of communication overload. F was lonely and wanted to tell me he was still working.  My friend wondered how my classes went last night and wanted to make arrangements to pick up the textbooks.  She’ll swing by tomorrow for them.

I finished up in the kitchen and then went upstairs. I was just settling in when F called to say he had finished and was on his way back.

He arrived around 9:30 I think. He was a bit tired so didn’t want to go out. We’ve made tentative plans for dinner tomorrow night. They could change.

We had a quiet night in. I watched a little TV off the DVR and then took a shower, F took one after me. No big deal really.

So, today was a little quiet but really okay. Come back later if you like and see how Thursday goes. Until tomorrow….

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