July 31, 2020

Friday - Lots of rain, but some sun too.

I had my usual basic morning, except I wrote quite a bit of email today. I think I was putting off my column checking. I did finally get around to it though. I finished my column and even sent it in. Yay me. One day before the deadline!

I had my lunch and then I came back to the room and rewatched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I still didn’t like it at all! No, that’s not fair. I hated Johnny Depp in it and thought he was really creepy. I’ve always been a fan of Freddie Highmore and I liked him and his screen family in this. They were sweet and good. 

I spent some time on my computer before going downstairs to get dinner underway around 5:30. Tonight I was making tandori chicken again, so I mixed the powder with a bit of yogurt. It ended up making it a little milder. It was still good, probably better for K and F than me. I wanted it spicy! I served the chicken with salad, rice for K and F, French Onion soup (from a packet), and yesterday’s leftovers. Dinner was pretty good. F surprised me by washing the dishes tonight. I didn’t expect it from him tonight. A nice treat! After he finished, I cleaned my toaster oven. When I preheated it for the chicken it was a bit smoky. 

I finished up and then came upstairs. I watched a few things on my computer and then took a shower. When I was in the bathroom I cleaned a bit of the vanity. The place where our toothbrushes are kept was quite disgusting so I cleaned it all out. I threw out my toothbrush after using it to do a bit of cleaning!

I came back upstairs and watched a couple of hours of TV. That was really it for my day. 

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to go out a bit, but who knows! Come back later if you like and hear all about it. Until tomorrow….


Marta said...

The French Onion soup! Your post reminded me that it's been ages since I had it, so maybe I will cook it this weekend. So yummy... :)

Helen said...

It is delicious! Even the packet stuff that we had is really good. We bought it at Costco on a whim, and it was lovely.

Enjoy it!