January 13, 2021

Wednesday - Rainy and warm

This’ll be a fast one because I want to get to bed soon. Poor F has to get up super early to go to work, and I want to encourage him to sleep, by going to sleep myself. Or something like that!

I had an okay day today. I got up at 8 am when my alarm went off, then watched the news for the next couple of hours. I got dressed and then did a couple of loads of laundry. I was feeling a bit blue this morning so I watched Sunshine on Leith. Musicals really cheer me up, so it was nice to watch this one again. I also love The Proclaimers, so it worked well.

I went out and did a bit of snow shovelling in the early afternoon. There hadn’t been more snow, but the snow on top of the porch had fallen down and covered the steps. I also tried to do a bit more on the path. There is still a ton of snow everywhere. Today it was really heavy. It rained while I was doing that, so it was quite miserable.

I came into the house and grabbed lunch for myself and brought it upstairs. I watched the first half of Hustlers, the Jennifer Lopez movie. It was quite good. I have to find out how it ends.

I went downstairs tonight before F called. I reminded him about my handbag, but he remembered. I got started making the cream stew for tonight’s dinner.

I had to chop a lot of veggies and even the meat as we’d bought a block of meat. Still, I got it done and soon it was sizzling away in the pan.

When F did come back to the house, he gave me my handbag, but the repair place did it wrong. I’m rather upset. The woman took it apart as she took the bag from us, instead of looking carefully at how it should have been. F says he can fix it, but he really can’t.

Dinner was quite good. We had a Japanese style Cream stew. Yum. I added mushrooms to it since we had some leftover from the nabe. I liked the addition.

I did all the dishes and F took a shower. That wasn’t a big deal tonight as I thought he’d be going straight to bed. He didn’t. 

When I came upstairs, he was in bed, but was on his computer. Hmm. It’s him for it. He’s hoping that he can leave work early tomorrow afternoon. I hope for his sake that he can. 

I took a shower and gave my hospital drama a miss tonight. It’s on the DVR and I’ll try and watch it tomorrow. 

So, that’s about it for me. I’m going to attempt to get to bed soon, so that F can get some sleep. It may only be a few hours, but hopefully better than none. 

Come back soon if you like and hear all about my day. Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Oh that sucks about your bag. Could you return and ask the woman to redo it? Or are you just over it at this point? Maybe it's the excuse you need to buy a lovely, slightly more expensive than necessary bag....

Winter is just a grind right now, is it not? I'm glad I don't have to shovel snow though! I know it's good exercise, but ugh! I think I burn extra calories stressing out over the news in the USA. Can't wait until the 20th!

Take care and be well!

Helen said...

Hi! Nice to see you back here! I just have to say keep reading because there will be an update tonight about my bag ;-)

I'm looking forward to the 20th too, and getting rid of a certain horrid person!