April 7, 2021

 Wednesday - Sunny with a little rain at night

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off, but managed to snooze a little longer. I went downstairs then came back to the room. I tried to watch the news but it was too late. I dozed on and off for a while, before finally getting up. 

I had another quiet morning and then afternoon. I gave K the food I’d saved for her lunch and took my own lunch upstairs. 

I managed to watch an episode of The Walking Dead today and whew, no one died. The last two episodes were hard to watch. Maybe I can watch a couple more episodes soon?!

When F called me I went downstairs and started on dinner. I was busy for a while. Tonight I washed lettuce for a salad, I cut up some beets, I set the table and I also made a stir-fry sauce for the main dish. I had bought some frozen squid and shrimp for dinner tonight, so I defrosted them. When the time came, I stir-fried the seafood mixture, then added in the veggies. I put the sauce over it all and let it cook a little longer. 

When I called F down I mentioned that the kitchen door was sticking. Of course, he had to try to fix it immediately when I really wanted him to sit down and eat!  He didn’t eat much of the stir-fry and he said he didn’t like the sauce. Well, thanks for that. I guess that honesty is a good thing, but the way he said it was rather hurtful.

I got to do all the dishes again, listening to podcasts tonight. K came in with the canister that F uses for his kimchee and asked me to wash it. I was rather annoyed with her for that. Dammit, wash it yourself. By the time I finished the dishes I had cooled down and decided I’d try and do it. However, it wasn’t empty yet, so I left it!

I went upstairs and F was already up there. We decided that we’d go out right away so I changed and we left. His mother stopped us and asked us to get her some cough drops.  We went to the drugstore first, got the cough drops and a few other things, then hit up the gas station for some kerosene for the house. 

We came back to the house and I put away some of the food things I bought while F put away the kerosene.  I went upstairs and then he came up later too. I got the garbage ready to go out, left the bag for him to put his stuff in it and went down to do the kitchen garbage and then take a shower.  I went to the washroom first and when I was done, I went into the kitchen and there was F making ramen. That annoyed me a lot. He was in my way AND he didn’t eat my lovely dinner. He did get out of my way which was a good thing! 

Garbage done, I took my shower.  I turned down the hot water and came upstairs. I watched Shameless and it was a tad odd tonight. F fell asleep quite early. He’s had a headache for the last few days, so it is probably a good thing. 

So that was it for my day. I’m not as upset with F as I sound. He’s a lovely guy but we haven’t been connecting well this week. I’m still thinking about the position I’ve been offered and how I feel about it. 

Anyway, come back later if you will and hear all the scuttlebutt. Until tomorrow….

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