June 10, 2021

 Thursday - Hot and Sunny

I woke up early. F was still here but was leaving I think. I didn’t see him this morning, but I heard him. I didn’t go downstairs until he left. I came back up and then went back to sleep for a while. 

I got up, watched the news from the early morning and then did a load of laundry. I had my breakfast early too. Yay for me. 

I had a quiet morning and early afternoon. I did take a tiny little nap but then I folded my laundry. 

I went downstairs to grab lunch. I finished up the pita bread and made a sandwich for K and myself.  I gave her some, plus some of the leftover stir-fry. I went upstairs and had my lunch and I watched an episode of The Walking Dead. This was a sad one today and somebody nice died, even though I was pretty sure that she would at some stage!

I watched the news and then went downstairs around 5:30 to start working on dinner. After about half an hour I texted F to see if he was coming back and wanted dinner. It didn’t go through.

F never did call, guess he was still angry. When he got back to his house he did talk to me, but when I asked him if he wanted dinner he said no. I got on with making it for K and me. I had most things prepared already, I just had to cook them!  So I did.

K and I had a lovely meal. It was an easyish one, to be honest. We had chicken nuggets, salad, spicy cucumber pickle, fried eggplant with a cumin coating and hash browns. We both ate quite heartily and enjoyed our food. There were a few nuggets and some salad leftover, but that was it!

I did the dishes and cleaned up the stove when I finished. Today I listened to Canadian news and then a couple of chapters of The Secret Garden. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve listened to any of it. 

When I was finished, F came downstairs. I offered him some food but he didn’t want it. I went upstairs and relaxed for a while. F sat in his part of the room and then announced he was going shopping. He asked if I wanted anything, but I said no. He left, leaving all the lights on behind him.

I had a quiet little evening, even after he came back. I watched Leonardo at 11 pm and then turned off the TV. I just have no idea if this series is based on facts or if it is made up. Some interesting things happen in the series. 

So that was my day. We aren’t shouting at each other, but we aren’t exactly friendly either. 

Not sure what I’ll get up to on Friday, come on back and find out. Until tomorrow….

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