July 21, 2021

Wednesday - Hot and sunny, muggy and rainy

I went to bed around 1 last night and read a book on my phone for a while. F had turned off the air conditioner so it was horribly hot in the room. Hot and airless, since the windows were shut too. I woke up before the usual noise began from my roommate and he did try to get me to get up, but I stayed in bed till he left. I even stayed in bed after he came back to get his car keys.

Then, I got up, went downstairs and then came back to the room and turned on the AC and watched the news. This will be the last day for foreign news because nothing but the Olympics will happen in the world for the next 3 weeks. Or so they say. 

I had a quiet day, but I did manage to do three loads of laundry and get a small start on my column too. I also looked at my lesson plans and decided that I probably didn’t have to plan anything new for next week as we didn’t finish any of the lessons. Fingers crossed that is an okay idea.

Of course, there was no call from F to say he was coming back tonight, but I was down in the kitchen anyway. He did speak to me, but not much. I asked if he wanted dinner and he said he didn’t. That I don’t mind, but when I go to all the trouble of plating stuff for him and then he ignores it, it really bothers me. 

K and I had a nice meal. We had a simple zucchini salad, some okra, salad and some sautéed pork. K also had some rice. As often happens these days, K had more than I did, and she did have lunch today because I gave it to her. It was a pre-made pack from the store. 

I did the dishes and then went upstairs where F was lying on the bed with no AC on. The windows were open but it was very humid outside, so I closed the windows and then turned on the AC.  He left to get some food so I turned on the Canada vs Japan women’s soccer game and watched the end of that. I think F was surprised and he watched it till the end too. The game ended in a one-all draw so probably the best outcome for the two of us!

I took a shower and a little later came back upstairs and watched a bit of TV. F seems to be dozing. I should be going soon as we’re going to try and make a big shopping trip tomorrow. I’m really hoping that it isn’t a crazy thing to do. Well, it is, and F wants to leave early, so I should probably try and get a bit of sleep or the day won’t go very well. 

If all goes okay, I’ll be back tomorrow night to tell you about my day. If I’m not here tomorrow, don’t worry! Come back later if you like and hear all about my Thursday. Until tomorrow….

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