September 14, 2021

Tuesday - Warm and Sunny

I woke up early this morning, around 6 am. F and I played Toilet Tag for a minute or two and then we both went back to bed. I didn’t wake up when F left for work and woke up a little later than I wanted.

However, I woke up and then watched some of the news. I channel surfed and discovered that Primal Fear was on. I quite like the film, it has Edward Norton, Richard Gere and my birthday twin Laura Linney in it, so I watched and snoozed through it. 

I got moving finally and decided rather than having a whole breakfast and then eating again in an hour, I would just have half of a breakfast. My latest yogurt has an extra 50 grammes of yogurt in it, so I decided to make that my breakfast. I had it with a bit of cereal and it was just the right amount to have.

I watched Elementary and checked out the internet, then I grabbed my lunch. It was quite small today so no big deal. I ate lunch and watched the early in the morning news. After 1 I started to get ready for my classes. I set up the table and my computer, I moved the books over, I brushed my teeth, I did all the kinds of things that one should to get ready for work. For a couple of hours, I was busy teaching. Yay me.

After my class, I did up my paperwork and checked that I have enough stuff prepared for next week too. I do. 

F called me around 5:30 and said he was on his way back. I reminded him that we needed kerosene and he should take some fruit to his sister’s house. He called me back a few minutes later and he said that he had bought some asparagus from a coworker today. Yum.  

I went down to the kitchen and got started on dinner. It took a while, mostly because I didn’t want to cook too much until F was back at the house, and he didn’t get back until nearly 7pm. Today we had cucumber salad/pickle, sautéed mushrooms, salad, sautéed pork, and stir-fried asparagus. Everything turned out quite well and F and K also had some rice with their meal. 

I did the dishes which sadly took forever tonight as there were a lot of dishes that needed doing. Still, they got done. When F asked if I wanted to go out tonight I told him I did. I suggested going for a coffee since we haven’t done that in a while at night. 

We went to Komeda Coffee and had the dessert set. F had his with decaf coffee and I had mine with tea. I normally have decaf coffee, but wanted to be different for a change!

We came back to the house and K was up again. She had lights on in the living room. F spent some time with her but didn’t say what was going on. 

I watched tonight’s Shameless. It must be very close to the end of the series as people are starting to move. It was a good episode, however. I also gave F the tiny present I gave him. I got it at Daiso, so it wasn’t an expensive one. I think he was surprised as he hadn’t got me anything. Then again, I did look at more expensive things for him but didn’t buy them as we were still half-fighting on Saturday. 

And that brings me back to where I am now. It’s late and I have to be up early tomorrow to get my second vaccination. I will be quite happy to get this shot. I hope my side effects won’t be too bad, fingers crossed. It’s a bit sad having my shot in between our anniversaries, but that is how the timing worked out.

Today was the day that F and I actually did the paperwork at City Hall twenty years ago, so it’s our anniversary! Wahoo!

I’ll hopefully write tomorrow and fill you in on the details, but if I’m having major side effects, I might just go to bed. Don’t wait up for me! Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Happy anniversary! Twenty years? Wow!

Hope your 2nd shot is fine and the side effects are minimal. My husband was pretty sick for 3-4 days after his, but mine just caused a headache and fatigue for a few days. Still better than Covid, though.

Helen said...

I know, right?! 20 years!

So far, I have a bit of a sore arm. I've done the things that my friends here have suggested, kept my arm moving and drinking lots of water. I got some pain meds from the doctor and I did take one dose around an hour ago. My arm still hurts, but it is bearable.

Hubs had very little reaction to his second dose, some achy bones, I might be similar I think.

Thanks for visiting as always :-)