October 13, 2021

 Wednesday - Cloudy and cold

I got up this morning when my alarm went off. A few minutes later the machines started up outside again. Ack. 

I watched the news and got dressed. I snoozed for a bit, then went downstairs and grabbed my breakfast. I ate and had a quiet morning.

Around 1:40 I went downstairs to get my lunch but remembered that I needed to do some prep for lunch. I set up the meat for tonight with a marinade. Then I got my lunch together and went upstairs. I ate my lunch and watched an episode of The Walking Dead. It was good.  A baddie got his comeuppance, so that was happy. When it finished, I watched the first half-hour of a movie with Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter. I’ll try and watch the rest soon. I watched the news and a bit later F called.

F said that he was on his way back to the house so I went downstairs to get a start on dinner. I should have gone down earlier as what I made took a bit of work. 

Tonight I made baked potatoes with a tuna salad topping, coro-coro steak done with garlic, salad and roasted asparagus. It took a bit of a long time, I didn’t get things out until 7:30 or so, but it was good! I really enjoyed it. Most of it disappeared, so I’m sure it was good too, but I really loved the baked potato. 

I got F to tell K that I am going out tomorrow to get my hair cut. It’s about time. My hair is so long and shapeless at the moment. 

I didn’t get the dishes started until close to 8 pm, so it took a while. They weren’t too bad though, only the fry pan was caked on, but I had soaked it so it came clean easily. I listened to my usual podcasts and the time passed.

After I finished the dishes I did up the garbage in the kitchen and cleaned a few things out of the fridge too. F is terrible for saying he’ll eat things that he buys, long after the best before date. He forgets and I throw them out!

I popped into the living room to tell F that I was finished. I went upstairs and finished up my garbage up here. I remembered that I hadn’t finished up one of my classes’ paperwork so I took care of that. I relaxed for a few minutes and then decided to take my shower. 

I had a shower and then came back upstairs. I watched Grey’s Anatomy. It was a sad one tonight with the funeral for a character that was killed recently.  F took his shower too and then went to bed after a bit of a snack. 

And that’s it for me really. Tomorrow I’m off downtown for some lunch and a haircut. I’m looking forward to it as my hair looks blah at the moment!

Come back later if you like to hear how my day out goes. Until tomorrow….

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