January 14, 2022

Friday - Snowy and cold

I woke up this morning when my alarm rang. I went downstairs, used the washroom and then went to wash my hands. I heard K outside the room, so I hurried in the toilet, thinking she probably wanted to use it. I washed my hands and then K came in and started asking me about F. She wanted to know where he was (work) and when he would be back (between 6 and 6:30). Then she kept asking me something else but I have no idea what she was talking about. K is pretty hard to understand at the best of times, but at 8:00 am I wasn’t really ready to try and figure her out. She had me trapped in a corner and I was standing there with wet hands. When I tried to get over to the towel to dry my hands, she didn’t really understand what I wanted to do. It was weird!  

I went back upstairs and texted F to see if he had any idea why she was all excited. He didn’t know. He sent me a message that I could show her if she was upset later on. 

I had a quiet morning and afternoon actually. K calmed down after a while and there was less and less noise from downstairs. I did a load of laundry and grabbed my breakfast. I was surprised that K hadn’t eaten her onigiri that F had left for her. 

I came down later for my lunch and at first, K was in the living room watching TV. I started to put my lunch together and I had a piece of toast that I was going to give to K. I heated up the onigiri and then I heard the TV wasn’t on anymore. Oh, dear. I heated up a couple of things and then made a piece of cheese toast for K.  I took them through to the living room and opened K’s door. She was sitting up in bed so I asked her if she’d like to have some lunch. She came out to the living room and I guess ate her food. 

I went back upstairs and ate my lunch while watching this week’s episode of New Amsterdam. I watched the news at 4 and then F called after 5 to say he was on his way. 

I went downstairs to get a start on dinner. Tonight it was back to Pasta Friday, so it was nice and easy.  I did my lunch dishes and heated up the water so I could cook the pasta when F came back. 

He got back a little after 6 and then did some snow shovelling which I didn’t do today. Oops. I got dinner on the table around 7 and F got K up again.  We had a good dinner, there was a little pasta leftover, but not too much. I did the dishes, as usual, listened to a couple of podcasts as usual and got done after everyone else was in their own room as usual. 

I went upstairs and had a quiet evening basically. Both F and I took showers tonight. F is planning to go to see a doctor tomorrow but he wanted to take his mother to the onsen first. I talked him out of it. If he takes her to the onsen, she usually takes a long time in the bath and then F gets angry. I suggested waiting until Sunday when we don’t have plans to take her to the Onsen. F finally saw the sense in that. 

And that basically was my day. Tomorrow F may go to one or two doctors depending on how he is, and I hope that we’ll go to a movie in the afternoon. 

Come back later if you like and hear all about my Saturday. Until tomorrow….

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