May 13, 2022

Friday -The Thirteenth…don don don…Hot and humid

I did wake up this morning when F got up. He woke up when I came to bed last night so perhaps it was only fair. He’d gone downstairs and then on the way upstairs used his find phone device to look for his phone. Earlier, I had found his phone which was at 30% and had charged it for him, so the phone was on our bedhead, plugged in. 

Anyway, he went off to work this morning and I went back to sleep. I got up after my alarm and then came back upstairs and watched the news. I heard the doorbell again but didn’t think much of it.

When I went downstairs earlier the house was quiet. Too quiet! K had gone out with her daughter. Good for her. 

I got my breakfast and then came upstairs to eat and watch some videos on YouTube. I had a quiet morning. I heard K bopping around downstairs around 1 so I knew she was back. She was wearing…well..let’s just say that some older Japanese ladies have exquisite taste and they look amazing, and some ladies don’t. She was all in black and white. The top was striped and the bottoms were plaid. It was an interesting effect. She’d had her hair done too. 

Over lunch I watched Yellowstone and it was a good one again. Who knew that Montana was such an interesting place! Not me. I also watched this week’s half episode of Bake-Off

F texted me during the day to say his sister had texted him that she was taking her mother out. Of course, his mother was back by the time I got that message!

At four I watched the news again and then around 5:45 F phoned. He said he was finished work. He’d told me that he was probably going to be really late tonight, which is one reason why I didn’t go out today. Obviously, he wasn’t that late. He asked if he should bring something for dinner and I reminded him that I was a terrible cook and that I probably shouldn’t cook for him. I told him I had planned on making pasta and shrimp and he asked me to make it. 

So, stupid me went down to the kitchen and started doing dishes and heating up the water for pasta. When F arrived, he said he couldn’t eat anything because his stomach was upset. Great. I actually don’t like shrimp very much, I just bought them because he will eat them. Sigh. So, I got dinner on the table fairly fast after that. 

I had dinner with K. It was fine, a bit boring as she basically ignores me. She didn’t have any extra pasta today, but that’s okay. I told her I liked her hair and she seemed happy.

It’s funny how doing dishes for two people seems to be a lot easier than doing dishes for three people. I was out of the kitchen fairly quickly tonight. 

I came upstairs and F asked if I wanted to go out. I don’t like it when he asks that because I know that he doesn’t want to go. I didn’t need to go out. I asked about going to Costco tomorrow as we had planned. He still wants to, but may/should go to the doctor beforehand. 

So, we may do a road trip tomorrow and go to Kaminoyama to go to Costco. I have a shopping list already made up but I’m sure there will be a lot of things that I haven’t even thought about getting yet. There always are!

We’re fairly friendly tonight. I did ask him to clean the fish grill for himself if he cooks fish. I pointed out that his mother cleaned it yesterday and I cleaned it today and it really should be him doing it. He offered me some munchies a little while ago, but I’d already had mine for the evening, so refused politely. I watched some YouTube and a little Apple TV+. That Severance is a very interesting show! I did a row of edging around my latest dishcloth while I watched it. 

So that’s it. It wasn’t a great day. Overnight it feels hot and sticky weather-wise. I went from needing a sweater to sit up in my room, to taking a blanket off my bed as I’m too hot at night. 

Come back later if you like and hear all about my Saturday. Until tomorrow….

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