June 22, 2022

Wednesday - Hot and muggy

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off. I got up, went downstairs and came back and watched the rest of the news. After that, I got dressed and packed my backpack. I even grabbed a novel to take on the bus. I took The Children Act by Ian McEwan because it wasn’t a huge heavy novel and I like his work a lot.

Last night, before I did the dishes I made a plate up for K’s lunch today. It was just leftovers from our dinner, but it was quite hearty and I hoped that it would be enough to last until we came back. I checked the fridge before I left and…the plate was gone. She’d eaten it for breakfast. Sigh. I put a few other things on the table that she could grab if she wanted a quick meal for lunch. 

A little after 10 I changed the insoles in my shoes and then went on my way. K wasn’t around so I couldn’t say goodbye. I walked to the bus stop. It took me about 20 minutes and it was hot. My feet were burning. I think that the sidewalk was just so hot that it heated up the bottom of my shoes. It was around 28 or 29 degrees when I left. I got to the bus stop a few minutes early. I had worn a hat and taken my parasol, so hopefully, I didn’t get too much sun.

I got on the bus and then I opened my novel and really I don’t remember too much else. I looked up at one point and realized that I was getting off at the next stop! Wow. 

I paid and got off the bus. I went into the mall and did a little looking around. I did a troll through the larger-size ladies' clothing and mentally made a few notes for later. I went to the post office and made a deposit to my account and then went off and looked for lunch. I ended up going to a pasta restaurant and had their lunch special, a spinach and ham cream pasta. It came with the drink bar and a small salad. F did a little texting to me while I was in the restaurant, that was fun. 

After lunch, I did a little window shopping and went and tried on some of the clothes that I had wondered about. Most of them fit fine, but I didn’t like them enough to get them. Some had itchy fabric, some had tight sleeves, and the last one, well, I almost bought it. It was nice, but it had a detail in the front that I thought was rather dumb. It had a black T-shirt material on the front and then on the back a cottony striped material. They then took some of the cottony striped material and put it on the front at the bottom of the t-shirt material. It called attention to my hips, which are not really an area that I want people to look at! By the time I finished there, it was nearly time to meet up with my friend, so I went over to the meeting place. She was a few minutes early and we had a great time together.

Over our time together there was ice cream, massaging chairs, and then coffee. It was great to get together and we both really needed to do a reality check! We’re both married to Japanese guys, so sometimes we start feeling like we are the odd ones when usually it isn’t us! (Or it is, but with a good reason!!)

She had to leave to pick up one of her children so we hugged goodbye and then off she went. 

I decided to go and wait for F to finish work. I sat in the mall and read a bit more of my book. F called to say that he was on his way and I told him where I was. I specified this time, last time we ended up at different ends of the mall!

F came and met me. We decided to have dinner in the mall. We went upstairs to the food court. F had udon and curry-rice, and I had bibinba. I didn’t have my usual one, I had negi-ton and it was good, but I still prefer the one with kimchi, but I had a lot of kimchi last night. F ate a lot and regretted it later, I was fine!

We drove back into Tsuruoka and went to a grocery store. We picked up a bento for K and then  I picked up something for tomorrow night’s dinner. I’m going to do chicken but I’m not sure what else I’m going to serve!

We got back to the house and F gave K her bento. I put the food away and then went upstairs. I was up here for a while before F came upstairs. I did up the garbage in our room and also went downstairs and did the kitchen garbage too. I did a bit of cleaning there too. I left the bags in the genkan, F said he’ll take them out to the gomi station tomorrow.

I came back upstairs and watched Grey’s Anatomy then turned off the TV. F was asleep on the bed, so I went over to see if I could get him to go to bed. He was “watching” a video on his computer, but he was snoring so he wasn’t really watching anything. 

That was a brief outline of my day. It was really lovely to get out of the house, even though it was so hot. 

Come back later if you like and hear all about my day. Until tomorrow….

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