August 5, 2022

Friday - Sunny and hot, gorgeous day

The storms of the last couple of days seemed to have passed by today and it was a lovely day. It wasn’t excessively humid which was great. I did run the air conditioner in the afternoon but managed to wait until then.

I was busy this morning too, I did a couple of loads of laundry and hung them up in my room. I actually watched a bit of TV off the Fire Stick today. I watched an episode of The Tick in the morning. It cracks me up. Over lunch, I put on Fringe, which is a show that I had seen once at my sister’s, but had never seen over here. I enjoyed it. 

I was watching the news tonight when F called. He said that he was on his way back. He’d left work early last night, and was allowed to leave early today too. That was nice for him. I was a tad worried as yesterday didn’t work out well for me!

I folded up my laundry before F came back and put it away. When he came here, we actually talked about what to do tonight. I told him that I wanted to go out. We could take his mother, or not. He chose not. We took a minute to think about restaurants. I told F that Gusto would be fine, but so would anything else. A couple of seconds later I suggested going to Kintaro Sushi, our old favourite and F was happy with that suggestion.  

I changed, so did he. He went out to get a bento for his mother and then came back. I was ready and we could leave fairly soon afterwards. I was worried that we wouldn’t get in at Kintaro, but it wasn’t too busy. They are really doing social distancing at the moment and had barriers up between parties at the counter. The sushi was great, and we even had some chawanmushi too. They have great chawanmushi. 

After we finished there, we were thanked for coming! After that, I suggested getting a drink somewhere or a kakigori. Anything like that would be good. When he left the parking lot, the road was so busy he could only go one way, so he decided to go to Komeda’s Coffee. We went there.

We were seated right away at Komeda’s and I thought we’d get a coffee or something, but F wanted a kakigori. I did too but decided I wouldn’t get one because they aren’t cheap.  Spoiler alert…we did! I got the caramel one again because I’m not a fruit person and F got one with three fruit flavours on it. We spent a bit of time in the cafe and then F wanted to leave. I had just arrived at the smutty part of my novel and he wanted to leave. Sigh. 

Then he decided he wanted to go to a store and buy nail clippers. I suggested going to the drugstore rather than MaxValu. The drugstore is smaller and in my opinion, more likely to have nail clippers!  We went and F found them with help from a clerk. We both used the washrooms, which were in the back. Now, of course, I couldn’t take the basket of stuff into the back, so I waited until F finished. I gave him the basket and then went in. No problem until I was coming out. Unfortunately, the women’s toilet door opened out and it was next to the door into the back which opened in. I think you can tell what is coming. As I went out, a staff person came in and our doors crashed! We weren’t hurt but had a little laugh about it.

We went back to the house after this. 

I came upstairs and turned on the AC. I watched another episode of Fringe and did a little bit of crochet. I’m working on a scarf at the moment. When the show was done, I went downstairs and took a shower. I did a bit of cleaning in there too. I don’t know if anyone else is doing it or not. I’m not the only person who uses that room.  

I came upstairs and F was already asleep. I turned off his light and got on my computer. I’ve enjoyed watching a bit of YouTube. 

And, that’s about it for me. Today was a pretty good day. I’m so glad because I haven’t enjoyed myself much these days.

Come back later if you like and hear all about my Saturday. Until tomorrow….

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